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At agineo, we work with ServiceNow and develop innovative apps and templates that can be beneficially employed in customer projects.

The wide variety of apps helps companies to manage, automate, and optimize business processes in order transform these processes into digital workflows when the apps are used in a targeted manner. The applications are based on the Now platform. The various combinations of tools and APIs mean you benefit from being able to seamlessly connect apps to existing third-party systems.


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Meet Us

Anonymize Me

GDPR Accelerator

Chatbot Kit

AixBOMS Integration

Meet Us – improving your meeting culture

Organize your agenda, send calendar invites, or quickly create and work on protocols—the “Meet Us” app makes this and much more possible. Save time by not having to organize meetings, but instead just prepare and follow up meetings in a purposeful manner.

Enhance collaboration with the following features:

  • Plan, organize, and follow up meetings
  • Allocate tasks and make decisions within the app
  • Create agenda and appointment templates for recurring meetings
  • Outlook integrated via automated calendar invitations
  • Service portal integration

The app is fully compatible with the Paris, Orlando, and New York releases. Further details and insights into Meet Us can be found in the store.

Protect sensitive data with Anonymize Me

It has become increasingly important to protect sensitive data in particular. The Anonymize Me application helps you to guarantee the privacy and security of your instances: After a system is cloned from the production instance to the development instance, predefined processes for anonymizing data are carried out automatically, providing you with the benefit of a production system without having to draw conclusions about data.

These app features protect your data:

  • Delete values from a defined column
  • Delete all datasets in a table
  • Overwrite values of a defined field with random values from a data pool (anonymization)
  • Delete all entries in a table except a data socket
  • Additional freely definable functions

The Orlando, New York, and Paris releases are fully supported by this app. The app and further information can be obtained directly from ServiceNow in the store. Everything else you need to know about the app and how you can access it are available in the store.

GDPR Accelerator – safe under the Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation is a huge challenge for many companies and has become a more than central topic. The GDPR Accelerator is regularly optimized and updated to help you adhere to the provisions of the EU GDPR at all times.

Benefit from the key features of the GDPR Accelerator:

  • Report GDPR data violations
  • Exercise the rights of a data subject
  • Help with the timely processing of SLA violations

This application is also compatible with the current ServiceNow releases. Find out more about updates or get started now via the ServiceNow store.

Chatbot Kit – optimize your support

The Chatbot Kit improves your user support by allowing customers/users to interact and communicate with the Service Desk. This app can also be used in many other communication scenarios with users in ServiceNow applications.

Key Chatbot Kit features include:

  • Implementation of different, individual types of dialogs (from simple question-and-answer scenarios to complex dialogs)
  • Sending of user and chatbot push notifications
  • Use of cognitive elements (LUIS, IBM Watson, and API.AI) and a natural language’s (Conversational UI) dialog system
  • Possible interfaces: Skype, Direct Line, Email, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Kik, Slack, Telegram, and Twilio (SMS)

All vital details about the Chatbot Kit can be obtained from us upon request.

Use AixBOMS Integration

Organizations that use both AixBOMS and ServiceNow must frequently work with duplicate datasets. AixBOMS Integration makes it possible to comprehensively manage all aspects of IT infrastructure, data centers, and services on a single platform with a database for all IT-supported processes.

Special AixBOMS Integration features include:

  • CMDB data automatically imported from AixBOMS and stored in ServiceNow
  • Wide categories of data: users, locations, organizations, computers, printers, and servers
  • Daily data updates, individually configurable
  • Data repository of AixBOMS automatically mapped in ServiceNow data repository
  • Simple setup for the MID server configuration

Like the other applications, you can find the AixBOMS Integration app in the store. This app is also compatible with the latest releases from ServiceNow.

Agile Development Visualizer

Companies and organizations that work with Agile Development 2.0 only have access to information about project progress and the ability to change it in the backend. The Agile Development Visualizer allows for project-related information to be provided on the front end and for quick and intuitive adjustments to be made to it at the same time.

Agile Development Visualizer provides the following special functions:

  • Quick recording of all important Scrum KPIs on an easy-to-read dashboard
  • Access to project overviews through an interactive front end
  • Various options to filter by products, status, or editor in order to only obtain truly relevant data
  • Swift and easy interaction between individuals projects and tasks
  • Integrated Condition Builder to create custom filters within the widget

Just like all our other applications, all information about the Agile Development Visualizer will soon be available in the ServiceNow store.

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