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The successful implementation of business goals hinges on which strategic technology platform is selected. The cloud-based platform ServiceNow makes manual workflows a lot easier. Digital transformation is the key to staying competitive over the long term, and it doesn’t only facilitate the sustainable reduction of costs but allows for optimized process efficiency.

As a major innovator for SaaS platforms, ServiceNow has established itself as a key player on the market. Thanks to the broad portfolio of applications, the cloud computing platform offers many advantages, such as the resiliency of your data or the option to not book all suites at the beginning. Where necessary, you can activate additional suites within the scalable solution. You can also benefit from the latest technologies that ServiceNow provides for Enterprise Service Management.


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Enterprise Service Management based on cloud technology, such as ServiceNow, is the future of modern IT infrastructures for companies and organizations. In terms of ServiceNow services and offerings, agineo counts among the market leaders for ServiceNow Managed Service Providers in the current ISG Report.

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What Is the Degree of Automation in Businesses? In the white paper created with IDG Connect, agineo addresses this question using interesting survey results and a recent case study.


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IT Operations Management and CMDB

ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) helps you to automate routine tasks and optimize the availability of your IT services. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is built upon the ITOM module.

This database is a fundamental building block for numerous functionalities. The Discovery, Orchestration, and Event Management apps are very important when it comes to IT Operations Management.

The ITOM module Discovery lets you optimize your system records in the CMDB so that they are complete and up-to-date. The tools uses an automated process to check your entire IT network for installed devices and applications. ServiceNow Discovery then updates the process information and results obtained in your CMDB.

ServiceNow Orchestration makes it possible for you to control your processes centrally as well as beyond the boundaries of your ServiceNow platform. Optimize your routine processes by automating across multiple system boundaries so you no longer have to work on time-consuming tasks. Your employees can use the time savings to focus on challenging special cases. That’s how ServiceNow Orchestration improves both IT and business processes and allows you to significantly boost your productivity.

ServiceNow Event Management provides you with an analysis of your operational metrics to allow you to monitor whether your IT infrastructure is in good working order. You can minimize the average mean time to repair by resorting to intelligent service mapping and operational intelligence. Detect and fix the causes for service outages early on with predictive intelligence to improve the availability of your business and IT services.

 IT Service Management

The digitalization strategy of many private and public organizations is based on ServiceNow ITSM. ServiceNow provides standard modules that ensure smooth IT operations in the area of ITSM. Business processes are thus provided with the best possible support.

ITSM modules also cover release, asset, and cost management in addition to incident, problem, and change management. The functions help ensure in-house IT services are available for their own specialist departments. These functions can also be used externally by your customers. You benefit from improved data transparency thanks to the associated automation of your processes. You can also boost the productivity of your company and take it to a new level.

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Security Operations

Security Operations (SecOps) connects security and IT teams in order to effectively respond to threats.

SecOps connects the Now platform’s workflow and platform management solution with security data from leading providers of security services. ServiceNow’s Security Operations module covers the following topics:

Security Incident Response is designed to identify critical incidents and offers automation tools to resolve security incidents faster.

Vulnerability Response provides a holistic overview of all vulnerabilities affecting a specific asset or service.

Trusted Security Circles involves anonymously sharing threat intelligence information within one’s own industry, with suppliers, or a global circle of ServiceNow customers.

This full-service offer automatically searches threat feeds for information that is relevant for your own security incidents.

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery provides your staff with all available Human Resources services and knowledge articles in an intelligible form in the normal ServiceNow environment. These can be used in a modern online portal as well as in a native mobile app. In addition to this, ServiceNow makes it possible to use chatbots, machine learning, and a comprehensive reporting engine in the field of HR.

The highly secure HR Service Delivery application provides specialized HR core applications with different standard integration modules. These include, among others, SAP SuccessFactors for smoothly transitioning transactions between individual HR services. Besides the workflow’s key areas of expertise, services, knowledge management, and life cycle events aid daily human resource management processes.

The individual topics of HR Service Delivery include:

  • Incident and knowledge management
  • Employee document management
  • Enterprise onboarding and transitions
  • Mobile onboarding app
  • Now mobile app for your HR employees
  • Performance analytics for HR Service Delivery
  • Performance analytics for HR Service Delivery
  • Virtual Agent for HR Service Delivery

Customer Service Management

Providing your customers with top-quality support is easy with ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM).

Structured collaboration between customers and employees is achieved by the service portal and the mobile app in order to solve problems in CSM in a targeted manner. The CSM module enables a clear increase in customer service efficiency with the functions it provides.

The CSM customer service portal lets your customers easily create tickets that can be processed using an intuitive, state-of-the-art interface.

A wide variety of internal processes, such as incident, problem, change, or asset management, can be controlled from the CSM suite. Features such as chatbots, automated workflows, and machine learning help you to communicate with your customers in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to the individually configurable self-service, CSM not only optimizes the quality of products and services but also improves the efficiency of solutions.

Now platform

The Now platform lets you map workflows faster. Custom-tailored solutions not only allow you to quickly digitalize your business processes, but to easily scale up operations and automate and speed up your business processes at the same time.

Various business modules make holistic management of workflows possible. The Now platform offers an intuitive workflow engine to ensure your company gains a development advantage.

Automate your routine processes by quickly and easily mapping use cases with workflows—in a natural language environment with virtually no coding necessary. That way your users don’t really have to have any knowledge of programming to digitalize their business processes.

Simplify your workflows: The IntegrationHub helps you to seamlessly integrate the Now platform into your system environment. The features also let you dock the platform to all legacy systems and commercially available web technologies.

Develop and configure native apps for iOS and Android on one mobile user interface. No matter where you are, you can gain access and take action at any time with your device. Use your ServiceNow platform’s functions on the go to boost employee productivity.

Thanks to the Service Portal, ServiceNow provides you with a modern and user-friendly portal system. The portal lets users have a convenient self-service experience on the go: Users are provided with all services and products via an intuitive user interface and can then order them when required.

The Virtual Agent features intelligent chatbots and a powerful conversation model that helps your employees with their daily responsibilities. Reduce response times to a minimum, even during peaks in demand, and make it easier for your employees to solve recurring queries. That’s how you can optimize your Customer Service Management, for both your employees and your customers.

 IT Business Management

A holistic, integrated approach to planning, implementing, and controlling all activities of an IT-controlled company is enabled through service-oriented IT Business Management that’s aligned to the company’s strategic goals.

Critical business requirements can be anticipated and assessed, and the associated investments can be controlled within the framework of portfolios. Tools for the effective and efficient realization of requirements are provided for the operational implementation. ITBM sets companies up so that they can react faster to new market requirements in a more purposeful manner and increase their competitive edge.

Conventional, agile, or hybrid—Project Portfolio Management combines all requisite tools on one central platform. The controlled initiation, implementation, and assessment of projects is made possible, from the initial idea to the specifications of demands through to planning and implementation within programs.

With Application Portfolio Management, business applications and their significance for the company are cataloged. The integrated approach allows relationships with strategic goals, services, and operational resources in order for you to benefit from a comprehensive, proactive assessment of the application landscape.

Financial Management makes it possible for you to view how expenses are allocated and budgeted within projects and IT management at any time. Automated showbacks of services are additionally enabled through the diverse array of cost structure views.

  IT Asset Management

Reduce your asset costs and optimize your business goals: IT Asset Management enables the integrated documentation and control of all financial, contractual, and operational information on assets over the entire life cycle.

ITAM offers numerous advantages, such as automatic inventory maintenance for requirements and procurement processes or the seamless connection to the CMDB.

Hardware Asset Management allows high-quality assets and consumables to be managed, right from the time they are procured to when they are assigned and disposed of. Hierarchical storage room management is supported, as is the implementation of IMAC/D workflows.

For on-premise software as well as SaaS offers, you benefit from being able to document and compare purchased and used license authorizations in a standardized fashion. The integrated approach takes information from the CMDB to automatically execute measures to optimize the costs and use of software licenses.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance helps you to minimize audit costs and risks and aids you in making risk-conscious decisions.

The impact of risks on your company is analyzed, policy and compliance measures are taken, and audits are optimized. Use the GRC model to create a plan to overcome unexpected obstacles and optimally restore your processes.

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRD) module was renamed to Integrated Risk Management (IRM) in the current versions of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management helps you to digitalize and manage directives and monitor their compliance.

Monitor, identify, and assess risks within your company and optimize your responsiveness. Using aggregated business data as the basis, Risk Management lets you quickly adjust to changes in security requirements.

Make internal audits more productive and optimize your resources: ServiceNow Audit Management uses risk data and profile information to automate audits and eliminate recurring audit findings.

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