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Enterprise Service Management with agineo

Digital transformation is an indispensable part of our working world. The continuous development of digital technologies allows us to simplify processes in a smart manner, reduce costs, and make procedures transparent.

Smooth processes help companies to operate more efficiently and achieve maximum added value. From the initial idea and modeling all the way to digital implementation, we work with you as a reliable partner to optimize your Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

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We make your everyday work easier with Enterprise Service Management

We jointly analyze your business processes and identify the alternatives that suit your needs based on the standard solution. If the standard modules don’t cut it, we can also develop a custom solution.

Furthermore, we can provide you with extensive advice on the requirements for system integration and the requisite system architecture.

Top rating as a ServiceNow partner

Enterprise Service Management based on cloud technology, such as ServiceNow, is the future of modern IT infrastructures for companies and organizations. In terms of ServiceNow services and offerings, agineo counts among the market leaders for ServiceNow Managed Service Providers in the current ISG Report.


Our ESM product portfolio for your digital future

We trust in first-class ESM services for our customers. We have worked with the tried-and-tested services of ServiceNow  for years now as it is our goal to provide you with the highest level of support when it comes to digitalizing your business processes.



Service Now is known as the leading platform for ESM on the market.
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Our consulting portfolio for Enterprise Service Management

We provide our customers with detailed advice on the
opportunities offered by Enterprise Service Management. In addition to requirement analyses, IT service management, and other matters, we offer the highest level of service.

Process consulting

The careful analysis of business processes is especially important when it comes to efficient process design. We help you define and document your project goals, consider your organization’s current state, and jointly develop the change processes you want.

Requirements engineering

Understanding our customers’ expectations precisely forms the foundation for successful projects. We accurately record and document your requirements during joint workshops. We then use this as our basis to coordinate further project actions, define milestones, and come up with a realistic project plan.

Management and strategies

There is tremendous potential for your company to cut costs and focus on adding value to your human resources by optimizing ongoing IT business processes. Our experts identify the potential for your organization to improve and create the necessary process transparency. In addition to this, we provide advice on related topics in controlling and reporting.

Implementation and operating costs

We provide you with an overview of the costs, timelines, and development stages associated with the rollout of a new software tool or process platform. The costs of development and configuration work are made to transparent to you, and you are provided with an assessment of the licensing and maintenance costs. We make it easier for you to plan your finances with a transparently calculated project budget. This way you can avoid unexpected costs and create a reliable planning framework for your company.


Enterprise Service Management—our implementation-related portfolio

The foundation of our long-standing success is built on our power to innovate paired with our employees’ profound technical expertise of ITSM.

Complete implementation of SaaS and on-premises projects

Whether you operate your solution on-premises or use it in the SaaS model, we’ve got you covered with services for start-to-finish implementation, from advising you on costs to fleshing out the switch to another system. Our range of services includes all the services required for planning projects and milestones, managing projects, and the processes for going live. Experienced project managers help you every step of the way and assist with the operational management of the software solution.

Architectural design

We design the IT infrastructure required to successfully put your demands into action. In addition to extensively analyzing workflows, we examine the feasibility of new concepts and look after successfully transforming the current model into the target model.

System integration

We make the smooth exchange of data possible by implementing interfaces. In doing so, we factor in the characteristics of your systems and standardize your data as far as we can in order to ensure the fail-safe interaction of your systems in the long run.

Use of innovative technologies

We make the smooth exchange of data possible by implementing interfaces. In doing so, we factor in the characteristics of your systems and standardize your data as far as we can in order to ensure the fail-safe interaction of your systems in the long run.

Operational support

Enterprise Service-Management—our operations-related service portfolio

We support you beyond the initial consulting project and help you to continuously optimize ongoing processes and ensure the smooth operation of the new Enterprise Service Management solution.

Support transitioning from project operations to line operations

Once a project has been successfully implemented, it’s time to move onto the next step: the transition to operations. Even after implementation, our trained staff will help you with the setup of interfaces and the overall alignment of your business processes. That’s why we flexibly adjust to your needs and provide you with methodological support to evolve your IT projects.

Training and Early Live Support

As part of Early Live Support, your project receives the fine-tuning needed to achieve lasting success. We also train your employees and expand your organization’s expertise with practical and purposeful content on how to work with the new process platform.

Further training in-house

To continue to develop the best possible solutions for our customers, our experts regularly undergo training and continually obtain new certifications in their specialist fields. Within our company, our consultants discuss and share ideas about successfully deployed methods and technologies. This continuous transfer of knowledge is another building block that makes it possible for us to consistently achieve the best results for our customers.

Rent-an-Admin support for ongoing operations

Whether it’s due to absences caused by vacation or illness or there’s overtime work: Our “Rent-an-Admin” service provides you with a reliable and competent IT specialist on an interim basis. Your company’s infrastructure is in the best hands with our highly qualified system admins.


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