The data center of the Regional Tax Authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia is the IT agency within the Ministry of Finance. The IT service provider’s main responsibilities include processing tax data, printing and sending tax assessments in North Rhine-Westphalia, programming tax software, and equipping all the regional tax authorities’ workstations with software and hardware.

Keeping all existing services up to date is essential since we are responsible for the +28,000 workstations of the Regional Tax Authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia. To ensure that the data center continues to operate smoothly at a high and modern standard, agineo developed an AixBOMS-based solution to help the data center plan and implement updates. This solution uses change management to automatically help control changes made to the infrastructure, including software installations and configuration changes. Change management tickets document individual change operations made to installations and the IT resources used. Based on calculations in AixBOMS, the instance affected by the change is accurately identified and the service map automatically updated. Unlike “Discovery solutions,” which are usually used in this context, control over the data remains in the hands of change management, which makes it possible to conduct a target/actual comparison. Deviations from the planned service infrastructure, for example, can thus be identified.
That’s how the data center ensures that all service maps are automatically updated, that changes are evaluated based on correct information, and that the risk of an unplanned outage is minimized. If a disruption occurs, the right data is also made available to drastically reduce how long unplanned downtimes last.